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About "DEMS"

The Emergency in the Community

Ever since 2013 when Randy was hired by DC Fire & EMS, he has gained an extra boost in his passion to help the community during emergencies. Once he started volunteering with DC Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and partnered with the Red Cross by participating in Disaster Relief Assistance, also acting in Active Shooter Exercises and other Drills, Randy was introduced to FEMA and EMI. Having dreams to 1 day become an Emergency Management Specialist, he started taking courses on his own. Now he has FEMA PDS, COOP Level 1, ICS 100-400 & 700-800, HSEEP, G191, G775 and other classes/certs pertaining to Emergency Management knowledge.

Dedicated, Passionate and Professional

Randy "Melo" Smith is a 32 year old Washingtonian. He's spent the last 7 years serving the community, volunteering and partnering with DC CERT (Serve DC), Red Cross, Bread For The City, Anacostia Watershed and more. Randy also served as Outreach Director for Churches. In 2017 he was awarded "Metro Distinguished Man of the Year", also acknowledged by The Coalition of Homeless. With 13 Years of DC Government experience, 7 years of Public Safety with DC Fire & EMS as a Medical Equipment Worker in the Logistics Sector (decontaminating ambulances, medical equipment and assisting in the management of the Ambulance Ready Reserve Fleet), Fairfax County Fire & Rescue as a Material Management Assistant . Randy also gained ICS (Incident Command System) training throughout Virginia Government (VDEM)

melo blood stretcher.jpg
Bio Hazardous Waste and Decontamination
In 2007, Randy was hired as a Mechanic who serviced and repaired DC Trash Trucks. It was the dirtiest job ever fighting with Roaches, Maggots, Parasites and even wild animals such as Cats, Raccoons and Possums. In 2013, he transferred to a new agency and developed a new passion for cleaning up blood, disinfecting and decontaminating Ambulances, EMS equipment, storing and collecting bio waste. Fast forward to 2019, now we have Decon Emergency Management Services LLC. Randy has received OSHA, Blood-borne Pathogens, Vehicle Decontamination, Environmental Disinfectant and Crime Scene Cleaning training from NIDS (National Institute of Decontamination Specialist). He is now a certified and qualified Decontamination Specialist. He is also a certified Bioquell Operator, as well as a certified Train the Trainer on bioquell decontamination equipment.
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